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Google Exploration


We got to have a go with v r reality. Everyone kept on shouting and if you looked down you was standing on fin air or in a hole. people kept on walking into me. We went to space the space station with Tim peak also the sea. When we was in the sea we […]

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Pen Licence


Well Done to Livia, Ryan, Alannah, Dylan and Eueal for their incredibly hard work to achieve their pen licence. They should be extremely proud of themselves. Users who have LIKED this post:

Merit & Superstar- Week 19/9/2016


Well Done to Dylan for being nominated by the class for the Merit Badge last week. He was voted because he had worked hard throughout the week and had received his pen licence. Well Done to Sophie for receiving Superstar of the Week voted for by Miss James and Miss Grant. She was chosen because […]

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For the Year 5 and 6 Football team me and Jah’Neelli got in. We hope that we win all of our matches that we played.