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In English were lerning about furniture so MINECRAFT is a good thing to play on because you can build things like beds and things like that….Theres a nother thing called RYMECRAFT I guess thats something that helps us ryme because our topic is Poemes and iI pesanaly like poeims and I really like Shaekspere…

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in 2017 year 6 are  going on a residential to little Canida 👍🏼.  It will be so fun i looked on the website and were going to sleep in little huts they look 👀 like there  supost to be on a beech.. Any way we are gonna have so much fun🎉

(house captain)


In June the 13 we ( year 5 )  and we are going to have to tell a speech to Earth house and then we will do it to The whole of Manor and then the kids will hopefully pick me  

My plans for Easter!


Well my Easter plans are big, and when I say big I mean it. So on Saturday I’m goeing to a party , my cousin party atully. Then I’m goeing to town to get new trainers. After that I’m goeing to vlog as usuley do as my dally routin 🎥🎆🎆🎆🌌

Pancake Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today(28th feb)is PANCAKE  DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Miss James being the best teacher ever,she let us put whatever we want on it I put on lemon and sugar.   Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         by Ryan