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House Captains


This year all year fives will be competing for house captain We have four houses Fire,Water,Earth and Air  only four people could get to be house captain it would only be fair this way all year fives has a  speech. Only the most convincing  will get voted for.Teachers  will vote ‍.Students will vote ‍  It’s […]

Dylan’s Reward 2017 Day:5


Well done! Dylan, you may not of won the 1st place badge but you’re number 1 in our hearts we love this moment  is the one that was meant to happen and you have achieved it!.

100 Days of magpie


starting tomorrow Eueal,Reema,Rio and Alex are going to be attemping  a new event which is  100 Days of magpie  were our going,to be taking photos about our achievements  and write about what the person has done or has acheived through their magpie experience.      

How does roblox work?

March11 is a game where you can make games for friends its friendly because when you try to say bad words it will cut out the speech in the texts you can also create a game by pressing Develop and you will go to a sandbox it will allow you to use decals models. people […]

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My Google Exploration


Today in my lesson we got to watch virtual reality.It was fun we got to see Great wall of Chiny we got to go in space ships.And even the Sea!!! It was fun our adventures  we’re spectuala  i sat next to my buddy Eueal he was with me the whole time.We got to see Tim […]

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My Headdress


Today me and my classmates are going to be creating a headdress in are class room and it’s going to have so many feathers we are goung to look like a pidgeoto it’s going to look really cool we are so going to like art today this is an example of a headress🎭 🎨

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Chocolate testing


In class today we are going to be testing chocolate first it’s the chilli chocolate  🌶🍫 then its the dark chocolate 🍫 Then it’s the galaxy chocolate then and then we are going to lay them out in front of us and test them

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Cooking with my Mum


Today I was having Toad in the Hole so I wanted to help so I helped with the dough and we made it PERFECT!!!!!!  I like to cook even though I’m not good at it. The part which was my favourite was eating and baking. Users who have LIKED this post: