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This month is the month of the Quran also known as Ramadan. This is called the month of the Quran because it is believed that the Quran was introduced on this month . For 30 days, muslims have to fast. Fasting is when you don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sun set. If you […]



In the morning I went to prospect school for a tour to see if I would want to go there. It was amazing 🙂 . First the tour lady asked me what is your favourite subject and I said English. So then we went to the library 📚 and it showed 6 different colours and […]

Day#4 Superstar of the week


Enayatullah was last weeks superstar of the week. He was awarded for completing extra homework and for giving 110% on his learning.Also, acting as a mature learner.

Day#3 A sneak peak of Magpie classes work


This leaflet is Tiana’s Today, Magpie class have started writing their leaflets about Wellington Country Park. In here , they will have to show everything they have been learning in English this term.

Day #2 The sponsored run/walk


Today we are going to be doing the sponsored run/walk. We are doing this so that we could use the money that we make to change up our school ground. For every lap that we do ,we earn one pound. Can you believe that ks1 did about 10 laps. The field that they ran on […]

Google Exploration


Today i had a very exciting lesson. I got to see the virtual reality through some glasses. I was really excited when Miss James handed over some glasses to me so i put it on straight away. When I saw the shark i got shocked at first because i wasnt expecting a shark to pop up out […]



We have been doing time for our maths and I really enjoyed doing that because it is really fun and sometimes challenging . I have been loving this week and I wonder what we are doing next week. Users who have LIKED this post: