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This is the last day of our speeches before we read them to our houses then the people who get through have to read it to the whole of the school wish us luck.

Day 8


Yesterday and today we were starting on our hustling for house captain here’s and example of one of our speeches but written on a laptop

Day 7


Well done to Grace for achieving superstar by amazing test results and hard work Also well done to jahneelli for achieving merit badge by doing hard work in class and getting very good test results 🙂🙂

Day 6


This week we have been planing our hot task(Snow White) Today we have been writing our hot task 😄

Day 5


Well done to these children Ellie ,Grace,Kevin,Livia,Tiana

Day 5


The Fun Run


In our fun Run we was running to raise money for our school ground me and my friend Rio did 10 but I did 21 and also I have raised over 21 pounds for our school the weather was really hot and I got really tired Users who have LIKED this post:

My Easter holidays


In my Easter holidays I am going to be trying out for reading academy,also I will be having a huge party 🎉 .Then I’m gonna be able to sleep in more 😀After that I’m going to upload some¬†videos to my YouTube channel my channel it’s Beastxgamerx135 by Alex Heath Users who have LIKED this post:

Day #1 completing clubs


4 children in our class has achieved there clubs here are the clubs that were achieved 77 77 88 77 has been achieved throughout their  year 5 experience Users who have LIKED this post: