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In English we are learning about Minecraft like mobs,Realms, And Monsters 😀 On Minecraft you can build things  like beds,planes,skyscrapers,rides,and houses!!! Also you’re default character [starting]  is Steve a man with brown hair  a blue shirt and dark blue jeans. If you make an account you’ll be able to make a better avatar like with costume clothing,Accessorises, and faces.  Its a 3D  type game with mini-games,battles, and maps such as horror maps, adventure maps, and just different types. You can build you’re own city and survive from mobs its really good to play and its nice to play with friends because you  can help then and they can help you 😀 You start off on a Biome.

Biomes are things  you can build on it can be flat or not you can make it you’re own!!!!

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